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We help women ready to reinvent themselves get the confidence needed to get unstuck and build momentum on their journey of becoming who they were always meant to be. 


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Personal Stylist & Image Coach

Tara Patten is a certified fashion stylist and image coach, passionate about the transformative power of head-to-toe makeovers.

Through her customized approach, Tara helps her clients live up to their greatest calling which is always to become the very best version of themselves, like only they can. 

In addition to putting together the ultimate look for every occasion,

she uses a simple 3-step process to: 

1. Discover the True Self and design an iconic superconscious brand

2. Discard what is no longer working and make space for what does

3. Develop an intuitive sense of style and continue to evolve

Tara grew up modeling and acting with dreams of being a fashion designer.  Being at the forefront of the fashion industry as fast fashion took over, she began seeing the overconsumption and consumer greed that began to strangle closets and the environment and switch gears. She decided her super-power would be helping people work with what they have! Quality over quantity means she advocates for interchangeable pieces based on color palettes and durable fabrics while establishing personal brand standards. 

Tara believes the capsule wardrobe is the true hero in reducing fashion waste. 

On Tara's podcast, "Power of Fashion - One Decision Can Change Your Life," she interviews people who are bringing awareness and solutions to the wasteful practices in the second most polluting industry in the world, fast fashion.

Her newest venture, Glamazon Global, is where the future of fashion technology meets the at-home solutions to recycling. Did you know that 17 million tons of textiles go to our landfills every year – when around 95% of all textiles are reusable or recyclable?

There is a solution!

By using 3D printing technology and artificial intelligence, we can turn fast fashion into something new and sustainable and Glamazon Global is developing the system to do exactly that.

She is also a motivational speaker encouraging entrepreneurs and coaches to BE the most confident person they know. Her partnerships with fitness and weight loss coaches have led to the development of a curriculum that kick-starts the next level of transformation, from body to style. 


Her background as a professional model, public speaker, Chanel make-up artist, TV Presenter, Shopping Ambassador at Sea, content creator, and digital marketing manager uniquely qualifies her to navigate clients through letting go of everything they do not LOVE and showcasing their truly unique gifts and talents to the world at large.

One decision can change your life and that's the Power of Fashion!


Are you ready for a new personal brand or ready to help your clients get to the next level after transformational life experiences?

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Melanie Young 

Author & Energy Healer

Tara knows her stuff!

She is all heart, honest, reliable and such an asset to my business, I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Luigi de Simone Niquesa

Founder of Niquesa Fine Jewellery

Tara's photo styling and creative work with our luxury brands set a new benchmark in our marketing quality and gave us the tools to reach millions! 

Her passionate professionalism translated into a never-ending flow of inquires and social media engagement that far surpassed our investment in her services.


Pam Erb-Melville

CEO of PEM Communications

Tara was the answer to our prayers! If you need a visual expert on your team that is fun and supportive then I suggest you call Tara today! 


Chef Kristin Fraser
Founder of Glow Getter

Tara has been a beautiful source of inspiration and magical ideas that has catapulted my coaching and cooking business in miraculous ways I never knew were possible! Tara's creative vision for my commercial came to life thanks to her styling and cosmetic skills. Shopping in NYC for my shoot is one of my favorite memories, best day ever! She will bring out the best in you and your business.


Being the best YOU ~ that's your superpower!
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